RDH electronics

N&W 2300 "Jawn Henry"

A company dedicated to building unique and useful electronics for model railroaders.

Our latest product is a constant lighting module for cabooses and passenger cars.

                                                                                            Illuminated Caboose 1Illuminated Caboose 2
The car illuminates as soon as power is applied, before your loco moves. After a few minutes operation, the lights stay on, even when the car is not on the track.

Your caboose can sit on the ready track illuminated, as though the crew is on board.
Passenger cars can sit in the station with the lights on inside, waiting for passengers.

Our next product is a universal control for RR signals. Use LED, positive or negative ground 12 volt bulbs.
The control will connect with the preceeding unit and change its colors from red to yellow to green.

The modules are $30.00 each. They will be shipped via USPS priority mail. Shipping cost is $5.25; Up to four units can be shipped in the same box.


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